Dimethicone 5%, 500ml (460g) pump bottle

Dimethicone 5%, 500ml (460g) pump bottle

  • Dimethicone has water repellent properties which forms a protective ‘glove’ against water-soluble irritants.

  • Recommended as a barrier to protect skin against nappy rash, bedsores and urinary incontinence as well as irritating substances such as soap, detergents, water and some chemicals

  • Ideally apply before putting babies nappies on, washing dishes, gardening, working on greasy / oily equipment or apparatus and prior to some medical procedures

  • May also be used to help restore dry skin chafing and dermatitis

  • Non-perfumed and suitable for use on sensitive skin

  • Product Code: 2373319

PHARMAC Sole Subsidised Supply Section H (Hospital) and Section B (Community)

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